Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bassos with friends

Let the MADNESS begin my friends. You're invited to enter your picks into my bracket challenge. All are invited to play, but please limit your entry to ONE bracket. Choose Wisely! Go to to join the group.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year to You!

I'm keeping my list of "resolutions" quite small this year. One of them is keeping a better journal. I estimate that if I write in my journal at least five times this year, I would have greatly improved from 2010. Oh yeah, I'm definitely going to reach that goal. However, in addition I have made a clause that says I must do better at blogging. Though I don't have a ton of followers, it's good for me to spill out some words onto the screen; To un-load, and re-cap. A few images here and there won't hurt either. So what I ask from you? Check back occasionally and you will be able to catch more of the Anna Vantage.

4 Cool Buildings in Four Days.

Last Sunday I walked around the Temple grounds to see the lights in St. George.

On Monday, we stopped in Manti on the way to SLC. This is such an awesome structure. A "holy fortress."

On Tuesday, me and the fam went to the State Capitol. I had never been there before. It was really neat. It's very nice and very large.

On Wednesday, we bundled up and took a stroll around Temple Square. The lights are magical and the Temple looked grand.

More to come in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A dear friend of the family brought by two of these babies. I LOVE Kulolo. But please, stopping drooling over your keyboard.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

New Phone

Its time for a morning post. I'm sitting in the car (parked) listening to Glenn beck. My brother Dan and his family are visiting but, unfortunately I had to go in to work while all the munchkins and (what mom calls) widgets are home. I just want to stay home and play with them. And its also Beckie's birthday. Happy Birthday to you!

I am also posting this via my new phone. It's and android phone called the droid Incredible. I've been wanting a smart phone for a long time, and now with the new job, I should be able to afford the additional costs. So this is my first post from the phone. By the way, I love my new phone, and as I'm trying to figure out how to use it, I keep saying, "wow, this phone really IS smart!" Except, I'm not used to it yet, so I don't hear the ringtone. My brother Dan says, "What, so smart you can't even figure out how to answer it"
HA! ... he's right, I'm notorious for missing calls.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More to Come

Hey Folks!

Yes, I know I haven't made a post since my brother's birthday and it's a shame because so much has happened since then. I'm not announcing that I will be posting weekly because I recently landed a job here,
doing (thankfully) what I got my degree in, Graphic Design.
However, I will do my best to say something more than tri-annually.
So please stay tuned for more of The Anna Vantage.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Eldest!

Today we can celebrate the birthday of some pretty
cool people.
People like: Tina Fey, George Strait,
Reggie Jackson,
Pope John Paul II, and Chow Yun-Fat.

But the most important birthday this May 18th is
that of my oldest brother, Levon.

I wish I was in Hawaii to personally make you a Dobash cake.... REALLY.

Have a Happy Birthday Levon!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm sure we're all in the same boat when I say that I've got a full plate in my life right now. There are many pressures in my life including school, projects, church callings, jobs, and other stuff. This is one reason why I haven't posted to my blog in a long time. Though that is a major part, it shouldn't be an excuse. However, I am proud to say, that I have an additional means of expression though and it demanded a lot of my computer time. Last semester I had an interactive design class where I learned the basics of web design along with html and CSS coding. I was able to create a portfolio website which is fully online now. Please feel free to browse my work. If you need any freelance work, or are looking to hire a graphic designer, keep in mind that I graduate in April this year!

Back to the subject of pressure- my oldest brother is pretty good at blogging and he actually runs a few businesses via the web. If you need to get in shape, check out his SuperHuman Fitness site. Do you love the ocean? Surf over to Sponge Life, a photography blog about featuring some of the best body boarding spots on Oahu. If you're more of a land-dweller, perhaps this site will suit you. As I've been trying to help him with a photo-viewing feature, I realized (as well as him reminding me) that I haven't made a new post for a very long time. My brother told me, visits my blog more than I do, and I bet he's right. So he has pressured me to finally make a post. So how about a list of sorts with maybe a little detailed information here and there to get you up to date? I'll throw in a few pictures here and there too. I'll do my best to pick up from where I left off.

* Halloween- pumpkins carved as Sesame Street's Burt & Ernie. My costume? I was a member of the Motor Pool in the Dharma Initiative (LOST).

*November- here comes the cold.

*Bookbinding- I fell in love with making hand-made books fall semester and tried to spend as much time as possible in the studio working on many books.

*Thanksgiving- I was so thankful to be home with my family and to have a break from school. My sister, her husband and daughter were able to spend the holiday with us too before returning to Hawaii after a successful time in the mainland working with Pinnacle Security.

*I got to design the coveted BYU Intramural Champion T-shirt for this new year.

*Tweet- Charles Barkley, "Anyone who uses Twitter is a loser." I have been sucked in and you can follow my (pretty seldom) tweets right here right now! And I still like Sir Charles.

*Graphic Design Online- my portfolio site is

*Christmas- The break was great. I often slept in, played with family. My brother Levon, and his kids came from Hawaii for a long visit! Also, my brother Dan, his family were home too. It was great having 4 of my 5 siblings all together for Christmas. I enjoyed the warmer weather by stand-up paddling. It's called "Land Paddling" and it's a great workout. After Christmas SLC, Temple Square, Shopping, Tubing, and Welfare Square are always a highlight.

*The annual gingerbread house- creativity increases with less resources.

*MLK Jr. Day with Dan and his Chair Ski- a wheelchair mounted on skis, comfortable-sturdy-fast-fun. See the videos.

*Racquetball- I'm really taking a liking to this sport. I played in a tournament and won, and I just got my own racquet. My brother Mike and I play as often as time permits.

*LOST- the final season has begun... hey aren't questions supposed to be answered because so far, only more have risen?

*Letterpress- my new favorite class. I can see myself doing this by trade!

*St. George Parade of Homes- it was an interesting tour this year, and I've found my home in St. George! It's only 2.1 million.

*Winter Olympics- I hardly find time to watch any TV these days, but I must admit that I'll be getting less studying in for the next week or so. Super-G, luge, curling, it's all great!

*Focus- I'm doing my best to deter senioritis (which if you really broke it down, would be inflammation of the senior) am I inflamed? While trying to work hard, I am excited because I graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in April 2010!

Wow, I really should blog more. For one, not everyone may have the time to read these giant posts (GOOD JOB IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR), and two it's fun to recap highlights and just journalize a little.

Until next time.... hopefully sooner than later.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Totally soaked, totally stoked!

This week at school, we've been celebrating homecoming. There are all sorts of activities, but my favorite is of course the football game (I guess whether it's homecoming or not). Sadly, our good ol' boys didn't do too well, only managing one touchdown. TCU is a great team and there were "ON" tonight and it unfortunately ended 38-7. But, not to dwell, this isn't what this post is supposed to be about.
Every year for BYU intramurals on homecoming week Saturday, we have a staff play-day/tailgate party where we don't schedule any intramural games so we as a staff can play. We do this every homecoming game. This year, even though our numbers were smaller than in the past, it was fun. We played some flag-football, volleyball, soccer, and even some ultimate. The weather was great, and with cloud cover, the sun wasn't blinding us. Right at about three o'clock when we called it a day, and the last few people were leaving the fields, it started to come down.

This isn't me, but it's sort of how it was! Fun eh?

There had been some off and on rain storms over the weekend and it came instantly. I had biked up to the fields, but I was prepared if there was crazy weather. As I said, the rain just started and it was full on within about 45 seconds. I had a windbreaker/water resistant jacket on as I biked home (which was only 2 miles away). As it poured, I got wetter and wetter. When I got home I could wring out my shorts which were partly shielded by my jacket so it created a cool gradient.
I think I was happy, just because I was able to get outside and play a bunch of sports. I was also happy that I was prepared so I could bike home in the rain. I appreciate my blessings of good health, and athleticism... and for rain! Thus, today- I was soaked, yet stoked!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Have you ever heard of Precision Time?

Well, it's a great company that has a huge selection in watches. I know you're thinking- "I hardly ever wear a watch," but let me tell you, some of the goods they've got just may change your mind. They've got watches for all types.

The real reason for this post is to ask for your help. Precision Time has been nominated as one of the Best Brand Use of Twitter. Click the logo to vote. You've got to sign in to a facebook or twitter account to vote, but there's no additional obligations they ask for. When you vote, you type in @precisiontime in the box. Simple eh? Also, if you get on the bandwagon and follow precision time on twitter, they give away a free watch every Friday. Yeah- just for following their tweets you're entered for a chance to win every week! DO IT YO!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hawaii...nuff said.

Yes, I'm blessed to have been able to take a trip back to O'ahu with my fam this summer. We stayed in Laie most the time at what we call The Hukilau House for sixteen days. We also bounced to Levon's place in Waianae a few nights. The surf was really good out there on the West side and like they say, the water is a lot cleaner (you don't get the dirty mountain runoff from the river). As always, the food was ono and the beach had some real good days. The best part about it was to see Levon and his family. I hadn't seen Pohai and Kekoa the niece and nephew for a whole year and it was neat to spend a lot of time with them. There's so much to be told with many funny stories built in but you'll have to give me a call if you want the narrative. So here's a pictorial recap of some of the things I love in Hawaii.
(P.S. all of these pictures are from my phone, but you can click any one you want to see it bigger)

First stop when we arrive: Zippy's .....always Zippy's.

Chocolate Long John! Another Zippy's stop. I believe Mike and I went about 5 or 6 times.

Ahhh, Laie Bay (Hukilau Beach).

Here is the steep mountainside near Kualoa Ranch.

It was a rippin' day at Pali Lookout. Mike is Supa-Man.

The wind can be so strong you can lean into it and your body remains at an angle, or even blow you back and knock you down.

Seeking refuge from the wind for awhile.

But it's a great view of the windward side, and a "must do" event if you come here.

In the summer, it's really busy at Matsumoto's (shave ice) so here we are waiting in line. We went there four times I think. Hey, you gotta go all out when you're there.

My brothers and I and the kids went up on the heights overlooking Waimea. On the way Kekoa fell asleep...

So Pohai and I were fakers and we tried to copy his open-mouthed napping approach...

But we couldn't do it for long because we just started laughing.

We decided to take a quick detour to a Heiau I've never seen. It's the Puu O Mahuka Heiau State Monument which is above Waimea Valley. Pretty Cool.

The bay was beautiful as always.

Silly Popo-nani...

and "solid" but always busy, Kekoa.

Did I mention we love all the food here? That's one massive macaroon.

Levon collected some big daddy Portuguese Man o'War and we probed them. It was interesting under the magnifying glass.

This tentacle was a few feet long! We tried to "see" the barbs but they're microscopic.

Not sure if the tiny specs were barbs being produces, egg sacs, or if they served some other purpose.

Arizona Memorial
Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial are always humbling.

The song about the "Hukilau" was made famous from this beach. This is a local ward pulling in the net.

My friends, this is no screenplay, it's authentic fishing. I apologize for the wrong orientation.

Oh yeah, I celebrated my 22nd birthday there too. I'm filled with glee because I got a Chantilly cake from none other than Liliha Bakery.

It's hard to say goodbye to this place.

I hope you enjoyed this. I sure did!

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